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The Demon You Know - Christine Warren Description and Synopsis

Rule is a member of the Watch, a group of Demons who police Fiends. When a fiend goes missing from Below,the Demon Realm,it is up to Rule to set out Above to locate it before Uzkiel, one of the nastiest Fiends around, find him and get his hands on him. Rule finds the Fiend but to his dismay, the Fiend has possessed a human. Said human is Abby Baker, a research assistant at local TV station. Abby discovers that what she once thought she new about Demons and evil was nothing compared to what she was about to expierence.


I was quite disappointed in this story. I was expecting to learn more about the demon realm, more about Rule himself and the hierarchy of the Watch. It's inner workings and such. However, most of the time I was consistently being subjected to Abby's blather on her opinion of good and evil and insistence on escape instead of trying to work with the Others and Rule to save the humans. After reading, I really didn't think the plot was very strong and I did not feel the connection between Rule and Abby. I hope that the next installment proves different.


I gave this book 2 stars. It was okay. I would recommend this book to anyone who starts a series and must finish it (like me) and for those who want a quick and easy read.