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Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep Description & Synopsis

Orphaned at 13,by a fire that killed her family, Gin is now struggling to survive in the mean streets of Ashland. Then she meets Fletcher: owner of the Pork Pit, who takes her in and teacher her everything she knows... Seventeen years later Gin, also known as the Spider, is one of the best and most feared in the South.


*This review contains spoilers*

Gin Blanco is one kick ass assassin who throws knives first and take names second. She is hired to take out Gordon Giles, who is suspected of embezzling from Halo Industries. When Gin botches the hit what turns out to be a easy assignment, turns out to be a setup that not only get a number of people hurt and killed; including her handler and father in everything but blood killed, it also leaves all evidence of the murders pointing the blame at her. Then there is sexy detective Donovan Caine:probably the only honest cop in Ashland,who gets caught up in the web and barely escapes with his life, with help of Gin. He agrees to help find out who is behind the scandal despite his suspicions that Gin is the assassin who killed his partner.

I really enjoyed this introductory story into Gin's world. While I was a little disappointed that I predicted the death of Gin's handler and I suspected that one of the James sisters was the elemental involved in the setup. However, I predict that the series will only get better with time. I hope that Detective Caine and Gin will see each other in books to come. That man is just hot!


I give this book 4.5 star and would recommend to anyone who likes assassins and anything paranormal. It will be a treat!