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I was not as impressed with this story as I thought I would be. I love assassins and love them even more when the assassin is female, but there were some things that was missing in story for me. Don't get me wrong it is the first book in the series and it wasn't terrible I just found myself frowning more than I would have liked. Besides new series tend to get better as they go alone, so I will continue to see if it will grow on me.

Sabina Kane, a half vampire half mage. Not only does her mixed blood label her an outcast to her vampire family, the only profession she is allowed to pursue is as an assassin for the Dominae.

In the futile attempt to gain her grandmothers approval, Sabina accepts an assignment to infiltrate the enemies camp and assassinate it's leader. However, while on her mission Sabina with the help of Adam, the hottie mage who happens to pop in (literally) at the most convenient times, finds out not all is what it seems in the Dominae and shes is a pawn in a plan that will start a war between vampires and mages.

Now Sabina is caught up in a dangerous game and she is determine to set things right. Her loyalties are being tested and soon she will have to choose sides. But making the wrong choice just may cost her her life...

To be fair I will say most of the reasons that I did not like this book was some of Sabina's personality traits and/or choices made in the book,such as: Warning there are a few spoilers listed

Her blind unquestioning loyalty to the Dominae who clearly resented her for what she was and shouldn't have been completely trusted

Her bias opinion on the mage race even though she is half mage herself

After finding out the Dominae was siphoning blood from the mages for their wine, she still had to question whether the Dominae had good intentions; Gave them all the plans, which end up getting her friend killed and all the mages as well.

I just didn't really like Sabina very much after that...