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Killing Floor - Lee Child
Money Murder and Mayhem...What a wonderful combination!!

I chose this book because I was looking for a series that had a strong male lead. Most of the books I read are from the female prospective, I was in the mood for something different. Boy, did Lee Child deliver!!! This book was amazing. If you enjoy a good mystery with a lot of action, then this is definitely the book for you. The Killing floor is probably one of the best debut mystery/thriller novels I've read to date. This book will not disappoint.

Jack Reacher is a footloose ex-military police officer who has no problem getting his hands dirty. He has brilliant hand to hand skills, and a astonishing knowledge of weaponry. He wonders from state to state going where ever the wind blows a true loner, Reacher decides to to stop in Margrave, Ga . Less than half an hour off his stepping off the Greyhound bus is Reacher arrested and accused of murder . To his surprise, Reacher discovers that one of the victims is his brother, a U.S Treasury agent. Reacher hasn't seen his brother in seven years and he is not a believer of coincidences. The chances of Reacher and his brother being in the same town with one being murdered and the other accused of said murder just doesn't add up. Joe is a long way from his home in D.C and it is up to Reacher to find out what that is. All Reacher has is a piece of paper found in his brother shoe, with the list of names. Before long, Reacher finds out that all the names on the is list are people who is dead. Not all is what it seems in Margrave and Reacher is determined to find out what. He must uncover what his brother Joe was into and why the only eye witness, the Chief of police swears Reacher is the murderer. It doesn't take long before Reacher unearths a conspiracy that involves the whole town of Margrave. Soon, blood is shed, lives are lost and bodies accumulate.

This is a book that you will definitely loose sleep over. I could not put it down!!!!