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Kill Me If You Can - James Patterson, Marshall Karp

During what authorities calls a terrorist attack at Grand Central Station, Matthew Bannon,a poor art student,happens upon a man who is dying from a knife wound and a bag full of diamonds that will change his life forever...

With a bag full of diamonds Matthew plans a worry-free life, Starting with taking his girlfriend Katherine on a trip to France. However, this isn't quite the romantic get a way Matthew planed because he can't escape the feeling that someone is after him …

Meet the Ghost to many he's known as the world greatest assassin. He has just pulled off his most high-profile hit: Walter Zelvas. Who happened to be an upper member of the International Diamond Syndicate. Although he was successful in Eli sting his target, he failed to revived diamonds, and now they are missing and with the help of an inside tip, he is on Matthew Bannon's trail..

However, the Ghost isn't the only assassin that is in town. He is being hunted by the assassin himself. She is ruthless and cold blooded and will not hesitate at a chance to take an out one of the best assassin's in the world. Not only is hired to take out the Ghost, but Matthew Bannon as well...

This was a really fun book for me. I love books with assassin's who have morals and integrity. I know, I know, they kill people for money, but I love the shades of Gray they live in a world that's black and white. The characters where believable and likable at times. I really enjoyed them. (Even the shady ones) This was surprisingly a quick read, I couldn't put it down. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoy assassins,and shocking twist and that are in need a quick read.

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